Korean OST Lyrics

June 10, 2008

I am fond of listening to Soundtracks from Korean Dramas and Movies, but I also want to sing them too although I cannot understand these songs. All I know is I love watching Korean Dramas and Movies that listening to the soundtracks feels so good. It is just like reminiscing the stories.

Before I was getting my lyrics from forums and other websites with romanized lyrics, but most of the songs I got are hard to follow. I still have to make changes while listening to the song. So what I did, I studied the Hangul, Korean Alphabet, and I started romanizing Hangul Lyrics.

I have put the lyrics I have romanized in my blog, and most visitors liked it because they can sing a long while watching the music videos, or I guess listening to the song in youtube music videos. (Their eyes should be in the lyrics not in the videos if they want to sing the song.) hehehe.. Anyway, if you are one of those obsessed with Korean OSTs, or love Korean Entertainment checked out this list of songs with lyrics I have romanized.

Korean Drama Series OST lyrics

Korean Movies OST lyrics

Other Songs